Low self-esteem

Self-esteem is one of the most baffling concepts to master.

There are so many books and theories around, that you can feel guilty by not pursuing the ‘eternal elixir for a happier life’.

We are always encouraged to have ‘high’ self-esteem and to know the risks of ‘low’ self-esteem on our mental health.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

We have so many roles to play in life, some of our many ‘selves’ include being a mother/father, son/daughter, husband/wife

Then there are all the professional and social roles you must play

Have a good look in the mirror and count how many ‘selves’ you can see

It’s not to say that we have multiple personalities, its just sometimes we allow others to shape our ‘selves’ to what they believe, rather than who we really are deep down.

What face do you put on in public? Do they see the happy carefree and helpful you at work, when privately, you are hating your job and dread coming in each day?

Sometimes pretending to be something you’re not, for whatever reason can damage your self-esteem.

You are made to feel ‘less than’ when you don’t stand up for your own beliefs.

In a nutshell self-esteem is all about confidence in your own ability and worth. Here are some examples of a healthy self-esteem:

  • Speak the truth as you see it without the fear of rejection and without the intent of harming others.
  • Being confident in your ability to make sound decisions
  • Able to form and stay in honest, secure relationships.
  • Have realistic expectations in yourself and be less critical of others
  • To be more resilient and deal with stress and setbacks more effectively


I can guide you toward positive change to help you see where low self-esteem shows up in your life and to help you identify where it’s coming from, so you are able to heal and become more confident