Sandplay therapy is a holistic approach that identifies the unspoken issues and helps to find solutions. It quickly and easily gets to the heart of any issue. It is a creative form of therapy that allows the imagination to create images and scenes with the use of sand, figurines and water.

Sandplay therapy forms a relationship between the conscious and the unconscious mind. This then activates the healing process.

By using the sandbox you are able to create a world that corresponds to your inner state. It will allow you to open up and understand the issues and concerns that are not immediately recognised in your conscious.

Sandplay can help resolve personal problems and to reclaim individuality. It can help resolve trauma that has been “pushed down” deep in the unconscious in a safe and healing environment.

Through the freedom of play and expression, unconscious thoughts are made visible in a three-dimensional form and create a space to discover who you really are.

Sandplay is for everyone – children love it and adults are amazed by the experience. The sessions will always come up with what is needed for lifestyle, or any other change.

Sandplay is an especially good therapeutic tool for couples who need help in understanding their differences – by seeing how each other views their own world the couple can work on how their worlds can come together.